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DeepThink, founded in 2004 is a leading provider of virtual world products and services.

Our team specialises in developing the underlying technology needed for these environments.

Important Note: As of March 16th, 2010 - We have sold the Azure Islands to Metaverse Services Limited. DeepThink no longer has any affiliation with the Azure or Nova Islands and cannot help you with any queries you have about them.


DeepThink is a international company incorporated in Australia that provides products and services to the Virtual Worlds industry. We employ over 20 people in four different countries and have been operating since 2004, our prominent products and services include the OpenSimulator customization and deployment, and more.

Products and Services

We've been doing business since 2004 providing personal and commercial services to users and operators of Virtual Worlds. We maintain a large number of regions on the Second Life® continent and are active in the development of open source virtual worlds such as OpenSimulator.

See below for a partial list of the products and services we offer.

Second Life®


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